George Stamatogiannis

George Stamatogiannis was born in 1960 in Piraeus. He grew up in Keratsini. His parents maintained a dry cleaner in Keratsini and is the youngest of three (3) siblings.

He graduated in 1978 from Ionidios  School of Piraeus and in 1983 from the Law School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with trade union activity through the Year Committees. He has been President of the Association of Young and Practicing Lawyers of Piraeus (1987), and has served as President of the Cooperative Association of Lawyers in Piraeus (1998-2007).

Since 1990 he has been continuously elected Member of the Administrative Council of Piraeus Bar Association. From 2008 to 2014 he served as Secretary General of the Bar Association, and from March 2014 until today he is President of the Piraeus Bar Association, re-elected in 2017 for a second term.

Since 2014 he is an Accredited  Mediatior  of the Hellenic Ministry of Justice and has attended family mediation seminars. In 2019 he participated in the 14th Congress of Bar Associations in the country, as a rapporteur on alternative ways of dispute resolution.

He has been Vice President since 2014 on the Board of Directors of the Legal Insurance Fund, a member of the Hellenic Criminal Association, and Chairman of the Piraeus Region Commercial Leasing and Consumer Dispute Settlement Committees. He has participated in numerous conferences and conferences on criminal, civil and immigration law, and has published many articles in newspapers and magazines on issues of legal and social interest. For many years he has been teaching the Lawyer’s Code and Code of Conduct for lawyers to young and practicing lawyers.

He had been nominated for a Member of Parliament in second region of Piraeus, as well as a Piraeus Prefecture and Keratsini Municipal Councilor. He has been practicing litigation for thirty-five (35) years in criminal and civil matters. He speaks English and German. He is the father of two Lawyers and a Speech Therapist.


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