Thursday, 21 May 2020
9.00-9.30 Registration of Participants and distribution of the conference material –  Eugenides Foundation
9.30-10.00 Opening of the Conference by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, Mr. Ioannis PLAKIOTAKIS
Address to the Conference Participants from the President of the Piraeus Bar Association, Mr. George STAMATOGIANNIS and the President of the Organizing Committee, Professor Lia ATHANASSIOU
  Chairperson: Leonidas DEMETRIADES-EUGENIDES, President of Eugenides Foundation
10.00-10.25 Εsben POULSSON, Chairman–International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
Key challenges for 2020 Shipping Industry: are there appropriate solutions?
10.25-10.50 Souichirou KOZUKA, Professor of Law – Gakushuin University – Tokyo
Trade War and Unilateral State Restrictions – their impact on maritime law. 
10.50-11.15 Tomas HEIDAR, Judge–International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea (ITLOS)
Private claims made by Flag States in respect to the operation of ships, within the UNCLOS framework: The Jurisprudence of ITLOS.
11.15-11.40 QA - Discussion
11.40-12.10 Coffee break
  Chairperson: Lorenzo SCHIANO DI PEPE, Professor – University of Genoa
12.10-12.30 George THEOCHARIDIS, Professor – World Maritime University (WMY), Malmö
The problem of fraudulent registration and its repercussions for shipping.
12.30 -12.50 Vincent POWER, Chairman – European Maritime Law Organization, Attorney-at-law1
How may those in the Shipping Industry Co–operate and Consolidate Lawfully under EU Competition Law? A Practical Guide.
12.50-13.10 Victoria ATHANASSOPOULOU, Assoc. Professor – Aegean University, Attorney-at-law
The applicable law to foreign shipping companies established in Greece.
13.10-13.40 QA - Discussion

THIRD SESSION (afternoon)
  Chairperson: Panos LASKARIDIS, President of Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation, former President – European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)
16.30-16.50 Baris SOYER, Professor – University of Swansea, Director of the Institute of Shipping and Trade Law
"Cyber risks": Liabilities and Insurance Law issues.
16.50-17.10 Frank STEVENS, Assoc. Professor – Erasmus School of Law
Smart contracts in shipping operations: Legal issues.
17.10-17.30 Ioannis ANDROULAKIS, Ass. Professor – Athens Law School, Attorney-at-law
Modern risks and criminal liabilities in shipping business. 
17.30-18.00 QA - Discussion


18.00-18.30 Coffee break


FOURTH SESSION (afternoon)
  Chairperson: Yosef TSALAGANIDIS, President of the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos)
18.30-18.50 George LELOUDAS, Assoc. Professor – University of Swansea 
Protection of private data and its implications for shipping.
18.50-19.10 Lia ATHANASSIOU, Professor – Athens Law School, Attorney-at-law
Autonomous ships: Regulatory challenges and contractual revisions.
19.10-19.30 Michael NOLAN, QC2   
Impact of technology on sea carrier’s obligations.
19.20-20.30 Discussion - Interventions
20.30 Reception at the Atrium of Eugenides Foundation


Friday, 22 May 2020
  Chairperson: Yannis STOURNARAS, Professor – National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Governor of Bank of Greece
9.30-9.50 Theodore SYRIOPOULOS, Professor - Aegean University, Visiting Professor - LL.M Maritime Law, Athens Law School
Alternative Financing Instruments in shipping business: an economic approach.
9.50-10.10 Stephen GIRVIN, Professor - National University of Singapore, Director - Centre for Maritime Law
The modern forms of shipping finance: Legal implications.
10.10-10.30 George IATRIDIS, LLM, Attorney-at-law
Demise charter: navigating between finance and operation.
10.30-11.00 QA - Discussion
11.00-11.30 Coffee break


  Chairperson: Stefano ZUNARELLI, Professor - University of Bologna
11.30-11.50 Regina ASARIOTIS, Chief of Policy & Legislation Section, Division on Technology & Logistics, UNCTAD
Climate Change Impacts on ports – some considerations arising for commercial maritime law.
11.50-12.10 Ellen EFTESTÖL-WILHELMSSON, Professor - University of Helsinki, adjunct Prof. Univ. of Oslo
The IMO requirements reducing Sulphur oxides emissions from ships and related liabilities.
12.10-12.30 Dieter SCHWAMPE, Professor – University of Hamburg, Attorney-at-law, Vice President - Comité Maritime International (CMI)
Liabilities from bunker suppliers.
12.30-13.30 Discussion - Interventions


  Chairperson: Grigoris TIMAGENIS, Dr.jur., Attorney-at-law, President - Hellenic Maritime Law Association
16.30-16.50 Loukas ZYGOUROS, Dr.jur., Attorney-at-law
The obligation of seaworthiness “revisited”, in the light of new regulatory intervention in shipping.
16.50-17.10 Gaël PIETTE, Professeur – Université de Bordeaux
En quête d’uniformité en matière des documents entraînant application des Règles Hague–Visby.
17.10-17.30 Manolis KONSTANTINIDIS, Dr.jur., Attorney-at-law
The impact of sanctions on charterparties.
17.30-18.00 QA - Discussion


18.00-18.30 Coffee break


EIGHTH SESSION (afternoon)
  Chairperson: George GERAPETRITIS, Professor - Athens Law School, Minister for Cabinet
18.30-18.50 José MAURA, Director - IOPC Funds
Pollution from Shipping or Offshore Industries? Defining the regime of gray zones. 
18.50-19.10 Nikos KONSTANTINIDIS, Dr.jur., Attorney-at-law, Legal Department - Piraeus Port Authority
Seeking a suitable regulatory framework for compensating pollution damages caused by drilling platforms: a risk of massive claims.
19.10-19.30 Christopher DAVIS, President - Comité Maritime International (CMI), Attorney-at-law3
Protecting foreign shipping companies under US insolvency proceedings (US Chapters 11 & 15).
19.30-20.15 Discussion - Interventions


Saturday, 23 May 2020
  Chairperson: George MICHALOPOULOS, Professor - Athens Law School
09.30-10.00 Charles DEBATTISTA, Counsel/Arbitrator, former Professor - University of Southampton
Can Carriers still limit their liability? Judicial restrictions on limitation and how to get out of them.
10.00-10.20 Vassilis VERNICOS, LLM, Attorney-at-law
Issues arising from the distribution of limitation funds.
10.20-10.40 Philippe DELEBECQUE, Professor, Université Paris I-Panthéon -Sorbonne
Les effets extraterritoriaux de la constitution du fonds de limitation.
10.40-11.15 QA - Discussion
11.15-11.30 Coffee break



  Chairperson: Christos TZANERRIKOS, Judge, Supreme Court (Areios Pagos)
11.30-11.50 Kyriakos OIKONOMOU, Judge, Supreme Court (Areios Pagos)
“Inverse” piercing of the corporate veil and maritime claims.
11.50-12.10 Nikos KATIFORIS, Ass. Professor – Athens Law School, Attorney-at-law
Assessment of the danger justifying ship’s arrest under the 1952 Arrest Convention.
12.10-12.30 Dimitris TSIKRIKAS, Professor- Athens Law School, Attorney-at-law
The binding effect of arbitration clauses towards third parties in maritime transactions.
12.30-13.15 Discussion - Interventions


By George STAMATOGIANNIS (President, Piraeus Bar Association) & 

Nikos GERASIMOU (Member of the Organizing Committee- LLM, Attorney-at-law)

13.45 End of the Conference

* The programme may be subject to minor modifications
1 Partner, A&L Goodbody
2 Quadrant Chambers
3 Partner– Baker Donelson New Orleans






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